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At the MIT Media Lab E15 and E14
20 Ames Street
E15 – Bartos Theater, LL

75 Amherst Street
E14 – entire building

Cambridge, MA 02139

April 12th to 16th, 2015

About Kumbhathon
Kumbh Foundation’s KF27 Innovation Center aims to study challenges of the Tier-II cities in collaboration withMIT researchers, corporate partners, government officials and Nasik-based organizations. This innovation sandbox aims to identify and address the challenges of cities in developing countries. In August 2015, Nashik, located 2 hours from Mumbai, will host the Kumbh Mela with 30 million visitors. This initiative gives innovators and social entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn, develop and test solutions to “pop-up city” problems at scale in Nashik and later, world-wide.

About the MIT Media Lab
Actively promoting a unique, antidisciplinary culture, the MIT Media Lab goes beyond known boundaries and disciplines, encouraging the most unconventional mixing and matching of seemingly disparate research areas. It creates disruptive technologies that happen at the edges, pioneering such areas as wearable computing, tangible interfaces, and affective computing. Today, faculty members, research staff, and students at the Lab work in more than 25 research groups on more than 350 projects that range from digital approaches for treating neurological disorders, to a stackable, electric car for sustainable cities, to advanced imaging technologies that can “see around a corner.” The Lab is committed to looking beyond the obvious to ask the questions not yet asked–questions whose answers could radically improve the way people live, learn, express themselves, work, and play.

Schedule: Schedule will be announced shortly
Rough schedule is as follows:

April 12th – guests arrive, Kumbhathon welcome and overview
April 13th  – Kumbhathon strategy and next steps
April 14 and 15 – small invited group attends MIT Media Lab Member Week.  Contact John Werner for details.  Other guests tour Mit and Harvard Univeristies on your own
April 16th – Brainstorming sessions, Next steps, and To Do’s for next Kumbhathon

The 5 day event will include meetings with local innovators, trips to Boston’s Google and Microsoft offices, and networking opportunities with top professors and business leaders.

Ramesh Raskar – Associate Professor –  Camera Culture Group MIT Media Lab
Nikhil Naik – Researcher – Camera Culture Group MIT Media Lab
John Werner – Head of Innovation and New Ventures – Camera Culture Group MIT Media Lab
Sandip Shinde – Event Head – KumbhaThon
Sunil Khandbahale – Founder
Maggie Church – Administrative Assistant – Camera Culture Group MIT Media Lab

Venue Travel Information:
The MIT Media Lab has 2 buildings – E14 and E15.
This event is in both buildings.

The MIT Media Lab is easily accessible by subway *recommended* – stop at KENDALL MIT – The Red Line
You can also reach the lab via taxi or Uber
If you are driving parking is available here
(Please email if you require parking closer to the venue)

Nearby hotels are: The Marriott, Kendall Square
The Kendall Hotel
The Hyatt, Cambridge

We also recommend airbnb‘s in Kendall Square, Central Square, or Harvard square – all close to MIT and the subway

If you have questions please contact: Maggie Church – Administrative Assistant –

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