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NEW Andreas Velten receives Technology Review TR35 Award!

NEW, report 2012.

NEW Camera to Look Around Corners, video and story 2012.

Visualizing Photons in Motion using Ultrafast Imaging, 2011.

PhD Dissertation Award Gordon Wetzstein, Computational Plenoptic Image Acquisition and Display, 2012.

Infra-Red Cricket, EmTech India 2012.

Lanman, Wetzstein, Hirsch, Heidrich, Raskar, Polarization Fields: Dynamic Light Field Display using Multi-Layer LCDs, Siggraph Asia 2011.

Wetzstein, Lanman, Heidrich, Raskar, Layered 3D: Tomographic Image Synthesis for Attenuation-based Light Field and High Dynamic Range Displays, Siggraph 2011.

Best Paper Award at Int Conf on Computational Photography, 2011,
Wetzstein, Heidrich, Raskar, Hand-Held Schlieren Photography with Light Field Probes

Zizka, Olwal, Raskar, SpeckleSense: Fast, Precise, Low-cost and Compact Motion Sensing using Laser Speckle, UIST 2011 (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology).

First Place in Vodafone Wireless Innovation Award for NETRA and CATRA (Siggraph 2011)

HR3D: High-Rank 3D Display, Glasses-free 3D by exploiting algebraic rank constraints of lightfields.

Looking Around Corners, Femtosecond Transient Imaging.

Vision on Tap, Computer Vision for Masses, 2010.

NETRA: Cellphone-based Optometry Solution, Inverse Shack-Hartmann technique, Siggraph 2010.

BiDi Screen: A Thin, Depth-Sensing LCD for 3D Interaction, Dec 2009.

Bokode: Tiny, imperceptible barcodes that give identity and six degrees-of-freedom pose (angle and distance) with a standard camera.

We focus on creating tools to better capture and share visual information. The goal is to create an entirely new class of imaging platforms that have an understanding of the world that far exceeds human ability and produce meaningful abstractions that are well within human comprehensibility.

The group conducts multi-disciplinary research in modern optics, sensors, illumination, actuators, probes and software processing. This work ranges from creating novel feature-revealing computational cameras and new lightweight medical imaging mechanisms, to facilitating positive social impact via the next billion personalized cameras.

With more than a billion people now using networked, mobile cameras, we are seeing a rapid evolution in activities based on visual exchange. The capture and analysis of visual information plays an important role in photography, art, medical imaging, tele-presence, worker safety, scene understanding and robotics. But current computational approaches analyze images from cameras that have only limited abilities. Our goal is to go beyond post-capture software methods and exploit unusual optics, modern sensors, programmable illumination, and bio-inspired processing to decompose sensed values into perceptually critical elements. A significant enhancement in the next billion cameras to support scene analysis, and mechanisms for superior metadata tagging for effective sharing will bring about a revolution in visual communication.

Project topics include (i) computational photography via novel feature revealing cameras; (ii) femtosecond analysis of light transport with sophisticated illumination; (iii) Second Skin, a bio-i/o platform for motion capture via wearable imperceptible fabric; and (iv) universal encoder for sharing and consumption of visual media.

Keywords: Computational imaging, Signal processing, Applied optics, Computer graphics and vision, Medical Imaging, Thermal and ultrasound sensing, Hardware electronics, Art, Online photo collections, Visual social computing.

We are actively looking for Graduate Students, MEng, PostDocs and UROPs. Please see here if you are interested.