We are gathering a group of innovators to discuss collaboration opportunities for the upcoming Kumbh Mela taking place in Nashik in 2015.  The world renowned celebration draws 20 million devotees and worldwide tourists to a small town creating tremendous challenges (and opportunities) in transportation, health, housing, food, energy, connectivity/communication, civic, safety and other issues.

This meeting will be led by Ramesh Raskar and Presidential Awardee Sunil Khandbahale, both originally from Nashik.  They are collaborating to create a sandbox for tech innovation.  You will have an opportunity to learn what this group has already accomplished at their buildathon in January 2014 and we are looking for your ideas and expertise for upcoming buildathons.

We hope that you will attend and:

~Identify problems based on your knowledge of other such large scale events

~Consider how Nashik could be a sandbox to deploy your own research projects

~Collect data before/during/after Kumbh

~Study innovation and entrepreneurship in developing countries

~Study Nashik event to test and validate for other large scale events

~Visit, spend time or teach local teams in Nashik (We have events every three months)

Please come to E14-525 on 5/22 and add to our conversation.  If you are not able to attend but have some thoughts,  please add your ideas to this document now.

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