Join us at Hyderabad for the 3rd edition of ReDx – Rethinking Engineering Design Execution – a platform for engineers, medical professionals, designers, technology aficionados, innovators and big dreamers to build the next generation of healthcare technologies which would impact 5 billion people on the planet. This year’s edition is taking place at ESCI campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad during July 5-11th.

For any further clarifications, suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to send a mail to redxh2015@gmail.com

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This camp’s themes include:


Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Using big data and visual computing methods to do predictive analyses, monitor patients, and automate diagnoses

Optics and Imaging

Democratizing scientific optics for broader impact through clever uses of optical imaging technologies and compact form factors.


More tracks will be announced soon!



Students who participate in the camp will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most renowned scientists and doctors in an ongoing collaborative process that will facilitate not only the exchange of ideas but the creation of the future of industry. They will have access to the forefront of rapid prototyping technology, including 3D scanners, 3D printers, cutting edge computing development platforms, and state of the art optics, imaging tools and electronics.

Students who volunteer at the event are crucial to making it a reality. Volunteers will help operate prototyping machinery and organize sessions for brainstorming and tutorials. These individuals will be exposed to the same expertise and technologies as the participants and will receive certificates of participation.

ReDx Team

MIT team

Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab
Ramesh Raskar is an Associate Professor and head of the Lab’s Camera Culture research group. He is leading the global health as well as medical tricorder efforts at MIT supported by the Tata Center for Technology+Design and MIT Media Lab. Recent inventions include cameras to look around a corner, a next-generation CAT-scan machine, and low-cost eye care devices (NETRA) among many others. He is currently co-authoring a book on computational photography.

 John Werner
Head of Innovation and New Ventures, Camera Culture Group, MIT Media Lab

John is an innovator, mobilizer, and human super connector. He is the Project Innovator at the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab and has co-instructed many courses with Professor Raskar. John was a leader of the 2014 Mumbai ReDx Camp and 2014 and 2013 Hyderabad ReDx Camp and brings invaluable experience and insight to the team for the Hyderabad 2015 Camp.

MIT Instructors

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.58.46 PM

Shantanu Sinha
Shantanu Sinha is currently a graduate student and research assistant at the Media Lab. His interests primarily lie at the confluence of learning-based computer vision, digital signal processing and mechanical design. At MIT, he is developing imaging systems for predictive health diagnostic tools.  Prior to joining the Media Lab, as an undergraduate at IIT Bombay, he worked on projects ranging from vision-based camera motion estimation and neuromorphic face identification to modeling of the industrial processes involved in prosthetic limb design.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.22.29 PM

Tristan Swedish
Tristan Swedish is a Technical Assistant in the  Camera Culture Group. He has an interest in refactoring hardware, imaging systems, and the algorithms that turn unstructured measurements into useful information. He received a degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics at Northeastern University, where he created computational models of light propagation in lung tissue and worked on an optical device to measure the biomechanics of the cornea. Tristan has also worked at BBN Technologies on a project to detect signals in non-stationary environments and more efficient solutions to inverse problems in shock wave propagation.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.11.12 PM

Hyunsung Park
Hyunsung is postdoctoral associate in the Camera Culture group. He is interested in developing new camera modules. Before coming to MIT, he received PhD in Engineering Sciences from Harvard University and MS/BS in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University.

Pratik Shah
Dr. Pratik Shah, a scientist at MIT Media Lab, works at the intersection of nanotechnology, imaging, low-cost diagnostics, entrepreneurship and scalable solutions for improving human health. He is leading the health and technology efforts run by the REDx team from the Camera Culture Group and an oral health-imaging program at the MIT Media Lab. Pratik is the recipient of a national award from the American Society for Microbiology, as well as an independent fellowship award from Massachusetts General Hospital.He has scientific expertise in imaging, low-cost diagnostics, new healthcare technologies and high-throughput approaches; including next-generation sequencing, digital gene expression technology, proteomics and metabolomics. Pratik holds a BS, MS and a PhD in Microbiology and completed fellowship training at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Clinical Mentors (LVPEI Team)

Dr. Anthony Vipin Das
Consultant / Clinician Scientist, Comprehensive Ophthalmology Service, LVPEI
Vipin is an eye surgeon passionate about community health in ocular trauma. He is currently pursuing research in stem cells and eyeball transplantation. He is a TED Senior Fellow.

Dr. PremNandhini Satgunam
Research Faculty, LVPEI
Premnandhini has worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the field of vision rehabilitation at Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School. Her current research interest at LVP is in the area of pediatric vision rehabilitation, visual development in children with vision impairment and binocular vision.







Dr. Virender Sangwan
Dr. Paul Dubord Chair in Cornea, LV Prasad Eye Institute
Dr. Sangwan is a practicing opthalmologist and director of the Innovation Center “Srujana” of the L.V.Prasad Eye Institute. A world renowned cornea specialist, he has been the principal driving force behind the innovation programs at LVPEI.

Dr. Ashutosh Richhariya
A Nehru-Fulbright Scholar, Ashutosh was placed at The Ohio State University and The University of Rochester for research, before joining LVPEI. His interests are in the areas of Corneal Biomechanics, Finite Element Modeling and Optical Instrumentation.

Dr. Shrikanth Bharadwaj
Shrikant’s current research focuses on how infants, children and adults use their focusing and eye-alignment responses to achieve a clear and single vision and why some individuals develop abnormalities like eye-turn and lazy eye, while other age-matched controls do not.

Core ReDx Operations Team

Dhruv Joshi
Dhruv is the project manager for the LVP-MITRA Program run jointly by the camera culture group, MIT Media Lab and the LV Prasad Eye Institute. He is passionate about developing scalable technologies which would improve the quality of life of people in the developing world and around the globe. He presently works on transferring technology from MIT, working with a team of students and liasoning with the doctors at LV Prasad Eye Institute to ruthlessly bring to life the great technologies that are worked upon during ReDx. He may be contacted for all queries related to the upcoming ReDx camp at joshi@lvpei.org

Sai Naga Sri Harsha Ch.
Sri Harsha is an engineer passionate in designing and manufacturing. He is also a CAE analyst and has a sound knowledge in static , dynamic and visco-elastic analysis. Harsha is presently working on the design and development of eye diagnostic and assistive devices for effective eye care. He is part of a small team of engineers working with doctors engaged in developing devices which would be used to deliver quality health care. He believes that combining design, CAE and 3D printing can develop optimized structures. Sri Harsha has previously worked at Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Hyderabad on designing and manufacturing of electronic enclosures.

Nikhil Chowdary
Mr Nikhil Chowdary heads the Design & Prototyping Centre (DPC) in ESCI, Hyderabad. The DPC focuses on using 3D Printing and 3D Scanning technologies for a variety of applications. Under his leadership the DPC is involved in several activities related to design & development of a wide range of products from custom orthotics to smart connected electronic devices and nuclear power generation for a diverse clientèle. As a believer in 3D technologies to enable humankind he is eager to educate people in its wondrous possibilities and has launched educational programs which are open to all. He holds a Master’s in Project Management from LIU, NY, USA and a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania Uni., Hyderabad.




Engineering Staff College India of India (ESCI), Gachibowli, Hyderabad


What it’s like



Hosting former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam.


Hosting former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam.


Ratan Tata with one of the prototypes developed at the Tata Center for Technology+Design and MIT