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We have several exciting openings in different tracks at Camera Culture:

If you are applying to any of the positions below, please include your CV and a URL to your homepage. Please see the relevant sections of ‘How to increase your chances?’ below. Try to include that information in your VERY first email.


Post Doctoral Researchers and Research Scientists

We are actively recruiting for post doc and research scientist positions in computer vision and computational imaging.

Computer vision – apply HERE

Computational imaging – apply HERE


MIT Graduate Students

We are actively recruiting graduate students as Research Assistants. If you are already admitted to an MIT graduate program and think your interests are a good match with our projects please contact one of our senior PhD students and CC Prof. Raskar with your CV and research interests. Also please try to visit in person for an interview so that we can learn more about your interests.


Prospective MIT Media Lab applicants

Please carefully go through the webpage for Graduate Student Applications to Media Lab (FAQs, application facts).

If you are interested in joining our group, please make sure you mention Prof. Ramesh Raskar and Camera Culture in your list of 3 primary choices at the time of submitting your MIT Media Lab application


MIT M.Eng and Undergraduate students

Please drop by our group, try to work as a UROP at the Media Lab, visit in person for an interview, or take a course with us so we can learn more about your work. Please see the relevant sections of ‘How to increase your chances?’ below. Try to include that information in your very first email.


How to increase your chances?

  • Apply for fellowships such as MIT Fellowships, NSF, Scholarships orLegatum
  • Create a portfolio and host it on your webpage. Please actively demonstrate your research, ability to build systems and clearly highlight your achievements. Include your papers, projects (with photos and figures), interests, achievements and anything that shows off your character, and send the URL. Also include it in your MIT application.
  • Read our webpage very carefully to understand our projects and research interests. If you are applying blindly without understanding our work it may negatively affect the outcome of your application to our group. On the other hand you could greatly improve your chances if you carefully read our webpage and some papers, make sure you understand our research and have some creative ideas on how to improve the existing research or an idea for a new project. Make sure you include this in your application/email.
  • Try to engage in research program at MIT Media Lab. Do a UROP in Media Lab
  • Visit in person if possible for interview or try to meet at one of the upcoming conferences

What should you emphasize in your webpage or email?

  • Make sure you highlight your Math and Signal Processing background, System building experience, Crazy projects, Internships, English communication
  • Suggest how you may fit into our group but don’t try to fit in too hard because there are always upcoming areas that are not listed yet. Our research interests are constantly evolving.
  • Finally we are looking for a diverse background; weakness in one area maybe overcome with stellar achievements in other fields. We want to make sure you will be a good fit. Surprise us!
  • You must include the words [Prospective Student] in the subject line of your email to indicate you have read this page.

Minorities and Women applicants

We especially encourage women and underrepresented minorities to apply for all our positions. Please check MIT and other [such as Ranking Foundation,Women in Science, Google Scholarship and more] pages for fellowships.