April 30th, 2015


20 Ames StreetE15 – Bartos Theater, LL, Cambridge, MA 02139


The goal of this workshop is to brainstorm ideas about health trends, predictive analytics and precision medicine. We will gather experts to discuss questions like — How do we model community health as a linear dynamical system? How do we identify the fast and slow moving threats? At a personal level, wearables are generating unprecedented amount of data on health indicators. How do we ensure a tight integration between sensing and prediction? How do we develop new incentive models for sharing?

Large groups and cities have unique challenges in this space as well. People and threats travel much faster. Many efforts are ongoing for data aggregation from large population groups. How do ensure a simultaneous intervention on devices, data collection and exploitation? How do we determine the optimal spatio-temporal resolution for data sampling?

Invited speakers will include experts from these areas: machine learning, applied statistics, biotechnology, genomics and computer vision, among others. The sessions will include invited talks, poster presentations and lab visits

More details to follow.


10am-1030am: Opening comments by DARPA Program Managers

1030am- Noon: Invited Talks

Noon-1:30pm: Lunch and Posters

130pm-3pm: Invited Talks

3pm-4pm: Closed Session with DARPA ISAT

5pm-7pm: Health Night (Open to Inventors, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Funders)

Attendees (Full list coming shortly) :

DARPA Information Sciences and Technology (ISAT) Group

DARPA Biological Technologies Office (BTO) Program Managers

Speakers (Full list coming shortly) :

Ramesh Raskar,  Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab

Rosalind Picard,  Professor, MIT Media Lab

Cynthia Rudin,  Associate Professor of Statistics, MIT CSAIL and Sloan School of Management

Ashok Veeraraghavan, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, Rice University.

Steven Keating, Graduate Researcher, MIT Media Lab

Andrew Warren, Graduate Researcher, MIT-Harvard Health Sciences and Technology Program

Full List of Speakers from various universities and health organizations coming shortly

(Please write to Nikhil Naik <naik@mit.edu> if you are interested in speaking or participating)


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Venue Travel Information:

The MIT Media Lab has 2 buildings – E14 and E15.
This event is in E15, which is located at 20 Ames Street.
The Bartos Theater is in the lower level of E15.

The MIT Media Lab is easily accessible by subway *recommended* – stop at KENDALL MIT – The Red Line
You can also reach the lab via taxi or Uber
If you are driving parking is available here
(Please email mdchurch@media.mit.edu if you require parking closer to the venue)

Nearby hotels are: The Marriott, Kendall Square
The Kendall Hotel
The Hyatt, Cambridge

We also recommend airbnb‘s in Kendall Square, Central Square, or Harvard square – all close to MIT and the subway

If you have questions please contact: Maggie Church – Administrative Assistant – mdchurch@media.mit.edu