AdaCID: Adaptive Coded Imaging and Displays

cameraculture Computational Displays, Computational Imaging & Photography

AdaCID: Adaptive Coded Imaging and Displays Ashok Veeraraghavan1, Ramesh Raskar2, and Douglas Lanman2 1Rice University                        2MIT Media Lab NSF IIS-1116718                   NSF IIS-1116452   1.     Summary Adaptive methods influenced by control theory and information theory can dramatically improve and enlarge today’s imaging and display platforms, enabling capabilities …

cameracultureAdaCID: Adaptive Coded Imaging and Displays


cameraculture Health & Wellness

Low-cost cell-phone attachments that measure the eye-glass prescription and cataract information from the eye.


Retinal Imaging

cameraculture Health & Wellness

With simplified optics and clever illumination, we visualize images of the retina in a standalone device easily operated by the end user, enabling disease diagnosis.

cameracultureRetinal Imaging

Looking Around Corners

cameraculture Femto-photography

Using short laser pulses and a fast detector, we built a device that can look around corners with no imaging device in the line of sight using scattered light and time resolved imaging.

cameracultureLooking Around Corners

Multi-depth Time-of-Flight Cameras

cameraculture Femto-photography

We repurpose a time-of-flight camera using coded illumination to recover time profiles of large-scale scenes and to acquire multiple depths per pixel.

cameracultureMulti-depth Time-of-Flight Cameras

Trillion Frames per Second Imaging

cameraculture Femto-photography

A camera fast enough to capture light pulses moving through objects.  We use ‘light in motion’ to understand reflectance, absorption and scattering properties of materials.

cameracultureTrillion Frames per Second Imaging

Tensor Display: Glasses-free 3D HDTV

cameraculture Computational Displays

Compressive light field displays employing a stack of time-multiplexed, light-attenuating layers with uniform or directional backlighting.  They exhibit increased brightness and refresh rate.

cameracultureTensor Display: Glasses-free 3D HDTV

Color Primaries

cameraculture Computational Imaging & Photography

A new camera design with switchable color filter arrays for optimal color fidelity and picture quality on scene geometry, color, and illumination.

cameracultureColor Primaries


cameraculture Computational Imaging & Photography

A camera that codes exposure time with a binary pseudo-sequence to deconvolve and remove motion blur in textured backgrounds and partial occluders.


Layered 3D

cameraculture Computational Displays

Tomographic techniques for image synthesis on displays composed of compact volumes of light-attenuating material.  They can recreate 4D light field or high-contrast 2D image.

cameracultureLayered 3D

BIDI Screen

cameraculture Computational Displays

A thin, depth-sensing LCD for 3D interaction using light fields which supports both 2D multi-touch and unencumbered 3D gestures.

cameracultureBIDI Screen

8D Display

cameraculture Computational Displays

By capturing and displaying a 4D light field, it can create arbitrary patterns directional illumination patterns and record their interaction with physical objects.

cameraculture8D Display

Efficient Rendering for Compressive Displays

cameraculture Computational Displays

Combining sampling, rendering, and display-specific optimization into a single framework, the algorithm facilitates light field synthesis with reduced computational resources.

cameracultureEfficient Rendering for Compressive Displays

High-speed Tomography

cameraculture Health & Wellness

A compact, fast CAT scan machine using no mechanical moving parts or synchronization.

cameracultureHigh-speed Tomography

Imaging Through Skin

cameraculture Health & Wellness

We utilize high spatio-frequency patterns with state of the art dictionary learning algorithms to enhance vein structures under the skin.

cameracultureImaging Through Skin